The Finest Quality Scaffolding Tools PLUS SCAFFKiT ScaffBag

- Package includes:
SCAFFKiT ScaffBelt - Natural Tan Leather
SCAFFKiT ScaffFrogs - Natural Tan Leather (x 6 as pictured) with side mounts for lanyard attachment
Knipex 200mm Knips
Big Ben 'Black Magic' Level
Stanley Fat Max 20 Oz Antivibe Claw Hammer
SCAFFKiT 21/23.5mm Flush ScaffRatchet With Podger Handle
SCAFFKiT ScaffSpanner - 23.5mm Bi-Hex Poka Handle (Pearl Finish)
Stanley Fat Max 8m Magnetic Tape Measure
Sidchrome 250mm Heavy Duty Adjustable Shifter
SCAFFKiT ScaffBag Mining - Heavy Duty Ripstop Canvas


SCAFFKiT Deluxe ScaffBelt & ScaffBag

Belt Size
Bag Colour: Navy Blue
  • Size Small - approx length 1000mm
    Size Medium - approx length 1200mm
    Size Large - approx length 1400mm

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